Adding Coolant to Radiator?

Answer A low radiator coolant level is a death sentence to your car's engine. Coolant keeps your car's engine from overheating during the warm months and keeps it from freezing during the cold months. If ... Read More »

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How to Add Coolant to a Radiator?

Engine coolant is stored inside the radiator and a small overflow container outside of the radiator. When the radiator is full of coolant and hot, this overflow will hold some of the coolant when t... Read More »

In What Two Ways Is Adding Antifreeze to the Water in a Car Radiator Useful?

Antifreeze keeps vehicle engines from overheating or freezing. It's used in radiators alone or mixed with water. Antifreeze changes the temperature at which water freezes or boils. The more antifre... Read More »

Is radiator coolant the same as antifreeze?

Coolant is a liquid added to a car engine's radiator to prevent an excess build-up of heat, that is, to keep the engine running cool. Antifreeze can be a substance added to coolant to prevent it f... Read More »

How to Check the Radiator Coolant?

Maintaining fluid levels in your car is a habit car owners should develop. Failing to do so can lead to headaches, frustrations and vehicle damages that could have been avoided. Maintaining the pro... Read More »