Answer perhaps you can go to a counselor. they can help you out with that. i'm glad you broke off addiction and i hope you can successfully live without it.

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How to Break the Addiction of Tea?

- So you can have milk-shake or cold/hot coffee. - keep "souf" in mouth so you may not feel to have drink or eat. - Til is also good, roasted will feels crunchy so may enjoy.Black til is more nutri... Read More »

How do I give up one addiction...?

Yeah my aunt actually started to stop smoking five days ago... now she's smoking, lolI don't smoke or anything but all you have to do is just get over at least a week without have a smoke, the brai... Read More »

How to get rid of Internet Addiction?

You should try to engage yourself in other activities like sports, reading books etc. You cannot change your habit at once. You should try to change slowly. Use of internet is not bad thing, you sh... Read More »

Addiction Ibuprofen.?

Get rid of the medicine. Never ever buy it again. Take an Advil or Tylenol and DO NOT get addicted to it. Doing something like that is almost equivalent to being addicted to drugs.