Adderall Dosage Problems?

Answer f you have a child who suffers with ADHD or ADD, or are an adult with this challenge, this report will provide you with powerful insights that will help you take control of this problem without exp... Read More »

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Adderall xr dosage HELP!!?

Maybe you should weigh the side effects of the mind altering stimulants that are a form of amphetamine (which meth and diet pills are in the same family as) On the brain of a 5-7 year old against t... Read More »

What is dosage of Cardene Dosage ?

The dose of CARDENE SR should be individually adjusted according to the blood pressure response beginning with 30 mg two times daily. The effective doses in clinical trials have ranged from 30 mg t... Read More »

Which is better: Adderall vs. Adderall XR?

On One Hand: Adderall Allows Better Dosage ControlAdderall, like all amphetamines, can produce side effects even in prescribed doses. The most common of these are irritability and insomnia. The abi... Read More »

The max vicodin dosage?

Hi there: I would not mix all that together unless you are sure okay? I hydrocodone myself i take 10/325 3 to 4 per day. have now for 8 years. The 5 is the amount of hydrocodone you are going to g... Read More »