Adaptor for UK sockets?

Answer Go through this site.…i suggest to have a universal adapter...:)

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My hp5470 scanner power adaptor is damaged, i need a power adaptor can any one help?

Just get the details off the adaptor, go down to Radio Shed, Worst Buy, Jerkit City, which ever electronic store you favor, and get another one. Make sure to get one with the correct voltage output... Read More »

How to Prevent Dry Sockets?

Dry socket, technically known as alveolar osteitis, is a painful complication that sometimes develops after the extraction of an adult tooth. Blood normally clots at the site of the extraction as p... Read More »

Are there any sockets in your bathroom?

NO and it drives me crazy. Ther also isn't enough light in my bathroom. DAMN LANDLORDS!

How to Use Impact Sockets?

When working on a car, one of the most common tools to use is a ratchet and set of sockets. When you're trying to remove a wheel lug or a stubborn bolt, one option is to use an electric or pneumati... Read More »