Adapter ring stuck on camera.?

Answer I done this many times, a piece of rag, a pair of pliers, and slightly break free the ring, then it screws off.

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What step down ring adapter is needed for a Nikon E5700 camera for a Nikon Es-e28 Slide Copier Adapter?

Unless you've dropped it, the noise is most probably the image sensor cleaning itself. If you look into the front of the camera when there is no lense attached, you'll see a small rectangle set at ... Read More »

Can you use a 3.7v ac adapter for a digital camera that recommends a 4.3v adapter?

NO! It will fry your device. Use same V and possibly higher amp rated adapter.

Does swarovski make a camera adapter for a nikon d40x slr camera?

Ring stuck on finger?

Just Put some soap around it and PULL!!!Or have someone pull it off for you.