AdBlock Plus not working for me, help?

Answer Did you add filter subscriptions?

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How to Disable Adblock Plus That's Not Working?

Adblock Plus is a content-filtering extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser released as an upgrade from the original Adblock extension, which was discontinued in 2004. It supports whitelisting, b... Read More »

AdBlock's not on my computer anymore?

Try to be more specific. what does the error message say? here are a bunch of known issues with their solutions:

Cant install chrome adblock?

I would urge you don't do it, it caused more problems and I had to have my computer worked on. As long as you: delete the cache, delete cookies and set to not accept 3rd party cookies, set to auto... Read More »

Is Adblock Plus safe for Mac 10 points!?

It is completely safe to useBlock annoying ads automatically, no distractionsit just block those link associate to ads servers, this just prevents the browser to render ads along with that webpageI... Read More »