Activity that will teach children how to handle anger effectively?

Answer Puppets or stuffed animals are great at helping kids learn to handle anger. Play a game with the toddler. Give her a toy animal and put a puppet (let's say a toy Barney doll) on your own hand. Giv... Read More »

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What Is an Activity That Will Teach Personal Hygiene to Preschoolers?

Preschool children are just learning about their bodies and will need to be taught how to take care of themselves. Encourage independence and good hygiene with a unit about how to keep clean. Help ... Read More »

How to Teach Children Anger Management?

Your child throws your pen at you, turns his food plate over, decides to stay out when you are going in or stays in when you want to go out. These are signs that he or she is angry, a few tips ment... Read More »

Activity on How to Teach Children to Match?

Strong visual skills are important to help children learn and focus in school. While matching games improve a child's visual skills they are not a cure for vision problems. Matching games help a ch... Read More »

An activity for children that uses all 5 five senses?

get an egg touch to see if its soft or hard like this you use your touching sense.then break the egg and hear when it cracks like this you use your hearing sense .then look how does it look like wh... Read More »