Activities to do with a group of 2 and 3 year old kids (daycare)?

Answer I have many great suggestions:1. Story time, where you only read Holiday books, i recommend this book:…then after you can have a reindeer party, you can m... Read More »

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Does anyone own a group daycare for up to 12 to 15 kids ?

large center is more sufficient and it is better than group daycare because relationships will be much practiced .for me you should follow the way your heart speaks to you because many children are... Read More »

Short Activities to Do with a Group of Kids?

Short activities can be a great way to provide kids a break to refocus. Short, active breaks can also be a wonderful way to incorporate some much needed exercise into the day. Not only do activitie... Read More »

Group Activities for Elementary Kids?

Group activities for elementary kids can help them learn valuable socialization and teamwork skills. The children learn to create projects or work together. They can also develop skills that will e... Read More »

New Year's Eve Activities With a Youth Group?

Welcoming the New Year with your youth group can be both fun and fulfilling. Reminisce about the past year with the people with whom you find comfort and support as you look forward to another year... Read More »