Activities to Teach How to Count by 10s?

Answer During the elementary years, children learn several mathematical skills, including skip counting by 10s. Skip counting is an effective exercise for quick computation, helps children learn how to co... Read More »

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How to Teach Kindergartners to Count?

Counting is one of the first mathematical skills children are taught, as being able to successfully count is necessary for all other mathematical skills and success in everyday life. During kinderg... Read More »

Songs to Teach Kids How to Count?

You have probably been counting for so long that you don't even remember learning how to do it, but learning to count can be a big challenge for younger children. Setting numbers to a simple tune i... Read More »

How to Teach Students to Count Tenths?

Learning fractions is a daunting task for some children. The concept is unknown, and seeing one number over another just doesn't make sense to them, especially when you tell them that these two num... Read More »

How to Teach Your Child to Count Coins?

As a child becomes familiar with numbers and learns to count, a world of math begins to come alive. Money and the process of counting it goes together with counting. In fact, counting money is an e... Read More »