Activities to Help Students Improve Reading?

Answer Reading is one of the crucial skills to be learned for future academic success. However, parents may find that some students struggle with improving their reading skills. These students may need a ... Read More »

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Activities to Help Students to Improve Their Spanish Writing and Reading?

Spanish is one of the most common languages offered in middle school, high school and college courses across the country. Reading and writing are vital skills for students that wish to learn Spanis... Read More »

Activities for Skim Reading to Improve Speed-Reading?

Skimming is used to quickly find the main ideas of a text, as a preface to speed-reading. Learning to skim-read well will aid in increasing your reading speed. Skim reading is much faster than regu... Read More »

Activities for Skim Reading to Improve Speed Reading in EFL?

As students are often required to remember a significant amount of material, an understandably slow reading pace can be frustrating for those learning English as a Foreign Language (EFL). When a st... Read More »

How to Improve Reading Comprehension & Vocabulary in At-Risk Students?

At-risk students show inadequate retention and application of learning. Using specific strategies to improve these students' vocabulary is a first step to improving learning outcomes. By third grad... Read More »