Activities to Classify Triangles?

Answer To classify triangles, you must look at the sides and the angles at each corner. In an acute triangle, all the angles are less than 90 degrees, while an obtuse triangle has one angle greater than 9... Read More »

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How to Classify Triangles?

Geometry often involves comparing and classifying shapes, line segments and angles. Triangles can be classified by 2 different attributes. A triangle may be named for its angles or for its lines. I... Read More »

How to Classify Triangles & Quadrilaterals?

A triangle contains three sides, while quadrilaterals are four-sided polygons. Polygons are closed two-dimensional shapes with straight edges. "Closed" means that the shape has an inside and an ou... Read More »

How to Classify Triangles by Sides & Angles?

Shapes are differentiated by three basic properties: the number of sides, the comparative length of these sides and the interior angles within the shape. A triangle is a shape characterized as alwa... Read More »

How to Classify Science Activities?

In the fourth century B.C., Aristotle started classifying organisms into two groups: plants and animals. He also classified animals as blood and bloodless and further categorized animals based on t... Read More »