Activities on Using Thank You in the Classroom?

Answer Teaching manners is an instrumental part of childhood development. Though manners are taught and enforced at home, it is also imperative that they be focused on throughout classroom settings as wel... Read More »

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Classroom Activities Using Scanners?

Scanners allow virtually any image or document to be transformed into a digital file within minutes. They are not only a great tool for work spaces and home, but they can be very helpful in the cla... Read More »

Classroom Earthquake Activities Using Candy?

Using candy can be a good way to motivate your students by promising a tangible reward at the completion of their studies. By tying scientific concepts to real-world objects, it also helps bring ed... Read More »

Classroom Activities Using Piaget Learning Theories?

Jean Piaget was a Swiss philosopher and biologist born in the late 19th century. Piaget's Development Theory outlines how children think and learn at different ages. Using Piaget's theory in the cl... Read More »

Classroom Activities Using a Persuasive Essay for a Debate?

Using a persuasive essay as a basis for a classroom debate is an exercise that engages students in the topic you are studying. It helps to improve communication and the processing of ideas. Running... Read More »