Activities on Mixtures, Elements and Compounds?

Answer Understanding elements, mixtures and compounds is one of the basic components of chemistry. Students need to learn the basic characteristics of elements, mixtures and compounds and learn how to dis... Read More »

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Ideas for a Science Fair with Mixtures and Compounds?

Chemistry experiments are fascinating because of the seemingly magical way in which changes occur rapidly. Compounds and mixtures lend themselves to a variety of project ideas. Getting students to ... Read More »

Ideas to Do for a Fifth Grade Science Fair That Involve Mixtures & Compounds?

Creating a science project with mixtures and compounds in chemistry can help your student stand out at the science fair. Students can choose from a variety of project ideas in this area. Learning b... Read More »

Ideas to Do for a Science Fair for 5th Grade That Involve Mixtures and Compounds?

In the 5th grade, many students receive their first introduction to mixtures and compounds, as well as the scientific method. Mixtures, such as the cytosol of a cell, are heterogeneous forms of mat... Read More »

What Are Matter, Compounds, Atoms and Elements?

Philosophers have long puzzled over the nature of matter. Thales, an ancient Greek nature philosopher, believed that its basic constituent was water. George Berkeley, an 18th-century thinker, denie... Read More »