Activities in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, MX?

Answer Puerto Escondido has been used as a fishing port and shipping hub in southern Mexico since the 1930s. In addition to those uses, the city is also known for great surfing and swimming along its mile... Read More »

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About Oaxaca Cooking Schools?

Oaxaca, Mexico, has a rich culinary history born from its location, climate and the regional diversity of its people. Traditional Oaxacan cuisine relies exclusively on locally sourced products, inc... Read More »

My husband is from Oaxaca,Mexico I'd like to surprise him with an authentic meal, any ideas?

Cow tongue, Spanish rice, and homemade beans,Buy the cow tongue from a meat market if you have on around. To start of with boil it in water with two teaspoons of oil. This can take a while so make... Read More »

How to Enjoy Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is a tiny island located in the Carribean that is a commonwealth of the United States. Puerto Rico is a great vacation spot with a variety of things to do. This article will give inform... Read More »

How to Dial Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is part of the United States as an unincorporated territory. Dialing Puerto Rico works the same way as dialing any number in the United States. Puerto Rico uses area codes 787 for all l... Read More »