Activities for the Hands-on Learner?

Answer Hands-on learning allows students to perform activities and participate in a process in order to gain understanding. Through experimentation, students actually see how and why a theory works. The p... Read More »

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Middle School Activities for the Visual Learner?

When students reach middle school, they are beginning to find their own learning styles and preferences. Some students will recognize that they are visual learners. By using activities that teach t... Read More »

Why Hands-On Activities for Math?

Educators recognize the importance of the use of hands-on activities when learning new mathematical concepts. Students show a stronger understanding of the material when using manipulatives, such a... Read More »

Hands-On Activities for Mesopotamia?

Though ancient societies seem far-removed from the modern era, interactive lessons forge a tangible connection between contemporary students and early lives in the cradle of civilization. Mesopotam... Read More »

Hands-on Writing Activities?

Many students struggle with writing because of the abstract nature of the skill. You can help your students grasp writing concepts by making them concrete through the use of hands-on writing activi... Read More »