Activities for the First Day of School for Fourth Graders?

Answer The first day of school can be a nerve-racking and anxious time for children entering the fourth grade. They are unsure of what is expected of them as they are entering an unfamiliar environment. M... Read More »

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First Week of School Activities for Fourth Graders?

The first week of each new school year is full of new faces and learning. Fourth-graders are familiar with the school experience, but a different teacher and a new group of kids means an adjustment... Read More »

Rounding Activities for Fourth Graders?

Rounding to the nearest value is an important math skill for fourth graders to master. It is important to combine this skill with estimation so that it relates to real world scenarios, such as esti... Read More »

Cause & Effect Activities for Fourth Graders?

Fourth grade students should build strength in the skill of determining cause and effect. Students should be aware of words that signal a cause and effect relationship, such as so, because, since, ... Read More »

Easy Art Activities for Fourth-Graders?

State school standards have been created for every school subject at every grade level. Fourth-grade art lesson standards include the elements of art: texture, line, color, space, value and form. I... Read More »