Activities for children about winter?

Answer Below is a verse about Jack frostLook out! look out!Jack frost is about!He's after our fingers and toes;And, all through the night,The gay little spriteIs working where nobody knows.He'll climb eac... Read More »

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How to Teach Children About Bears in the Winter?

While most children have a teddy bear, they may not realize that real bears are not as cuddly or docile as a stuffed one. Once they are aware of the size and ferocity of live bears, they often beco... Read More »

Activities for Preschoolers About Winter?

A clean blanket of fresh snow glittering in the sunlight, snowflakes falling from an overcast sky and warm hot chocolate to warm up chilly fingers -- the signs of winter often make preschoolers cla... Read More »

What are some good developmentally appropriate activities for 3-4 year old children involving winter?

Math: Patterns! Snowflake, snowman, snowflake, snowman...Science: Go on a nature walk and take pictures of signs of winterSocial studies: How does your family celebrate in the winter?Art: Snowman s... Read More »

About Me Activities to Do With Children?

Teach children to express themselves and explore their uniqueness with "About Me" activities. Give them hands-on activities that celebrate their personalities. Through poetry, art and oral presenta... Read More »