Activities for boosting children's self-confidence?

Answer I have seen improvements in my child after I found a gymnastics class that my child liked. (We tried 3 different ones.) Also, having your child be around younger children and having them help can ... Read More »

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Employee Morale-Boosting Activities?

Boosting employee morale can be as easy as a post-it note that says "great job" or as lavish as a new office chair for everyone in the office. The key to boosting morale is making employees feel co... Read More »

From What Activities Your Child Gain Self- Confidence?

The asset of self-confidence is invaluable. It improves relationships, clarifies how we perceive ourselves, and sharpens our understanding of community. Parents naturally seek ways to promote this ... Read More »

Boosting my immune system?

Two things. Get your flu shot---every year. Wash your hands after every trip to a public place. Bacteria and viral infections are often transmitted from hand-to-mouth. Follow these two tips, and yo... Read More »

Methods of Boosting Serotonin?

Serotonin is a hormone that naturally occurs in the brain. It is designed to help the synapses fire, and is really a major part of the fuel that keeps our brains healthy and functioning. Low levels... Read More »