Activities for a Kindergarten Assistant?

Answer Most elementary schools and child care centers provide each kindergarten classroom with a kindergarten assistant. In order to become a kindergarten assistant, you must pass the requirements specifi... Read More »

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May Kindergarten Activities?

May is the month when spring is in full bloom. Celebration is in the air after the long winter. May is one of the busiest months of the school year. Since there is a plethora of activities availabl... Read More »

1st Day Activities for Kindergarten?

The first day of kindergarten can be stressful for kids. It's a new environment with new people and situations. However, you can help kids adjust to the classroom and get to know their classmates w... Read More »

Mom Activities for Kindergarten?

Kindergartners love hands-on activities, and many enjoy making things to take home and show off to loved ones. For Mother's Day, there are many activities that a kindergartner can do to show mom ho... Read More »

Activities For Pre-Kindergarten?

Pre-kindergarten-aged children are eager to learn. Quench their thirst for knowledge by presenting them with activities that introduce them to basic educational skills and concepts and allow them t... Read More »