Activities for Proportions?

Answer You use proportions in many daily activities -- from calculating gas mileage or distance to purchasing produce by the pound. Proportions and ratios can be difficult for beginning math students to g... Read More »

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Ratios & Proportions Activities?

Ratios compare two different numbers, such as speed over distance. Proportions compare the difference between two different numbers of the same objects, such as marbles or books. There are many ac... Read More »

Interactive Activities on Solving Proportions?

Understanding proportions can be tricky for middle-school students. Many have to see proportions solved over and over again to grasp the concept. There are a variety of interactive games and resour... Read More »

Hands-on Activities for Ratios & Proportions?

A good way to teach ratios and proportions is to show students the practical applications of these mathematical concepts, which include the fields of sports, art, architecture and many other design... Read More »

Help With Proportions in Math?

Proportions are used to solve problems involving ratios. A typical ratio is made up of two numbers. For instance, the scale ratio between a real car and a toy model may be of 1:64. Proportions comp... Read More »