Activities for PE Class?

Answer Gym class is a venue for kids to properly develop their bodies by building muscle through exercise, instilling physically active habits and pushing themselves in competition. Also, physical educati... Read More »

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Activities for the 1st Day of Art Class?

The first day of art class brings the smell of new crayons, the sight of tempera paint bottles in a rainbow of colors, the feel of freshly sharpened watercolor pencils moving across paper and the c... Read More »

Art Class Activities?

In art class, students work to develop their creative skills and hone their artistic abilities. By engaging their students in the completion of hands-on art activities, teachers can provide their s... Read More »

ESL First Class Activities?

Teaching foreign speakers is rewarding when they begin to grasp the English language and understand how to interact with American society. The first day of an ESL (English as a Second Language) cla... Read More »

Class Activities on "Hattie & the Fox"?

"Hattie and the Fox" is the story of a group of farm animals that encounters a fox on its farm. Hattie the Hen tries to warn the animals of the fox she sees in the bush, yet they do not believe her... Read More »