Activities for Online Classes?

Answer Colleges and other educational institutions increasingly offer classes online for the sake of convenience for students. Instructors use an online platform, such as Blackboard or WebCT, to communica... Read More »

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How to Take LPN Classes Online?

You have decided to go back to school and study to become an LPN, which is a License Practical Nurse -- a nurse who does almost the same amount of work as an RN, or registered nurse, but is just a ... Read More »

How do i take online ap classes?

GuidanceAsk your guidance counselor about online options. Schools have information regarding options for students who either cannot take AP classes at school or desire to challenge themselves more ... Read More »

Can i take ged classes online?

According to the American Council of Education, the GED provides students an opportunity to earn an educational equivalent to a high school diploma. Although the official GED test can't be taken on... Read More »

Can you take CNA classes online?

A potential certified nursing assistant (CNA) must complete training before obtaining employment at a nursing home or medical facility. The majority of the CNA training is hands-on; therefore, the ... Read More »