Activities for Middle School Students on Following Directions?

Answer Teaching a class of middle school students who have trouble following directions can be a frustrating task. During adolescence, children are experiencing many social, emotional and physical changes... Read More »

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How to Follow Directions for Activities in Middle School?

The key to success in a school activity is to follow the directions given to you. Activities are a fun break from repetitive worksheets and textbook problems, and students are often encouraged to w... Read More »

Activities With the TI-73 for Middle School Students?

Texas Instruments' TI-73 graphing calculator can be used to solve a number of different types of equations. In middle school, a TI-73 calculator is an excellent tool for creating graphs which illus... Read More »

Thanksgiving Activities for Middle School Students?

Incorporating activities in a middle-school classroom that correlate with Thanksgiving can not only be fun for students, but also educational. Thanksgiving-related projects can go beyond learning a... Read More »

Ice Breaker Activities for Middle School Students?

The beginning of the year is an exciting time for educators and middle school students. Educators can create a comfortable learning environment throughout the first weeks of school with icebreaker ... Read More »