Activities for Kids on Verbs?

Answer Verbs are one of the basic parts of speech. These words, which are used to describe an action, are the main part of a sentence. When teaching about verbs, present children with interactive activiti... Read More »

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Activities on Verbs for the 8th Grade?

In eighth grade kids are able to understand and grasp the complexities of grammar. It is a good time to teach grammar as kids are beginning to write more advanced essays and paper. However, getting... Read More »

Principal Parts of Verbs for Kids?

Verbs, as we know, describe something that is being done, such as running, studying, playing and jumping. Depending on the sentence, however, verbs can be used in different ways. To know the right ... Read More »

Activities for Matching Phrasal Verbs?

Phrasal verbs are difficult for students of English as a Second Language (ESL) to learn simply because there are so many ways to combine verbs and prepositions for entirely new verbs. For example, ... Read More »

Interactive Activities for Irregular Verbs?

Interactive activities can teach and reinforce irregular verbs. Instead of tedious memorization, students will have fun while they master the irregular verbs. Many inexpensive games and activities ... Read More »