Activities for Kids on Personal Space?

Answer Children with special needs, particularly those with autism-related disorders, may have a difficult time understanding the concept of personal space. As a result, they may invade the personal space... Read More »

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Personal Space Games for Kids?

Some children love to run up to their friends and hold hands, share a hug or even give a kiss. For other children, however, this unwelcome invasion of their personal space is unsettling. For this r... Read More »

Activities on Personal Hygiene for Kids?

As children grow, they go through many developmental changes. During the time period between early childhood and adolescence, it is important that kids learn about personal hygiene. It is also impo... Read More »

Kids' Personal Grooming Activities?

It's clear kids aren't born knowing how to keep themselves clean, so it is essential for parents, educators or mentors to take on the responsibility of teaching them good hygiene. A daily routine c... Read More »

Space Activities for Kindergarten Kids?

Blast off in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! From stars in the night sky to the sun and planets such as Earth, Mars and Jupiter, kindergartners come to school with some background knowledge about space. Whether you... Read More »