Activities for High School Lock Ins?

Answer Often organized by a school club or parent-teacher organization, high school lock-in parties are designed to provide a safe, drug- and alcohol-free zone for students to gather for socializing, frie... Read More »

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Transition Activities from Middle School to High School?

An important milestone in a teen's education is entering high school. However, an alarming number of these freshman students eventually drop out. In some cases, these students never learn how to co... Read More »

Reading and Writing Activities for Middle School and High School?

Once students are in grades four and above, the focus of school changes from "learning to read" to "reading to learn." During middle school and high school, activities that integrate reading and wr... Read More »

Introduction Activities for the First Day of School for High School?

During the first day of school in high school, teachers and students need to get to know one another and get back into the school mind-set. In addition to providing students with classroom rules, t... Read More »

First Day of School Activities for High School Mathematics?

The first day of school is an exciting time when teachers and students begin to get to know one another. You can make learning your students' names fun, as well as introducing the mathematic princi... Read More »