Activities for Graphing Linear Equations?

Answer The ability to graph linear equations is critical in all math courses beyond algebra, and you should be sure to give your students a strong introduction to graphing equations. Students are more lik... Read More »

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How to Teach Graphing Linear Equations & Relationships?

Linear equations are one of the foundational concepts of any algebra or pre-calculus course. One important method for understanding linear relationships is graphing, which provides a way to visuali... Read More »

Graphing Activities for Linear Algebra?

Graphing lines is an essential part of any algebra course, yet learning this skill is difficult for many students, especially if their spatial skills are weak. You can reinforce the basic skills of... Read More »

Games and Activities on Linear Equations?

Linear equations are important concepts in algebra that continue to be building blocks for upper-level math. It's critical that teachers give their students a thorough introduction to linear equati... Read More »

Math Activities & Linear Equations?

Linear equations are algebraic equations that include at least one variable and oftentimes two variables. High school students are introduced to linear equations in Algebra I classes, generally in ... Read More »