Activities for Fiction vs. Nonfiction?

Answer Learning how to compare fiction and nonfiction is a skill that develops over a child's school career. Often, children learn this skill early in their school years, but it reappears when children be... Read More »

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What is the difference between fiction&nonfiction writing careers?

Fiction and nonfiction writing both offer viable career paths. Print media, online publications and television opportunities are available to fiction and nonfiction writers, but with different eti... Read More »

Nonfiction Activities for the Classroom?

Fiction stories often are stressed during language arts classes, and we often forget the importance of nonfiction books to literature and life. Nonfiction books provide facts, life stories and info... Read More »

Science Fiction Classroom Activities?

Science fiction is a literary genre often overlooked in the classroom in favor of more traditional or classic works. This is slowly changing, however, as more instructors realize the creative worth... Read More »

Non-Fiction Activities for Middle School?

Non-fiction activities in the classroom and in the community can help motivate and engage middle school students in a lifelong interest in the written and spoken word. Students can fine-tune their ... Read More »