Activities for Family Week?

Answer Family Week is a special event held at elementary schools across the country. The goal of Family Week is to recognize and reward the importance of family members and the work they do to help studen... Read More »

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Classroom Activities on Family Characteristics and Family Relationships?

Family characteristics and family relationships are important concepts to teach to students at an early age as they are learning to develop their own identity. Children need to know how they fit in... Read More »

With a week in switzerland where should a family go?

Thanks for the one million dollar question which has been asked here about a zillion times. Please use the "Ask" windows (;_y… ) in order to get instant acces... Read More »

School Activities for "No TV Week"?

Many American homes have more televisions than people. Some children spend more hours in front of those TVs than in school. Too much TV time leads to a sedentary lifestyle and cuts into family time... Read More »

Number of the Week Activities for Pre-K?

Activities promoting weekly numbers within preschool classrooms are important for building basic math skills. Through repetition, number and position and various other activities, numbers become a ... Read More »