Activities for Egyptian Kids?

Answer Parents of Egyptian children may want to keep their culture alive by participating in Egyptian activities with their children. Even if you do not live near an Egyptian cultural center, there are st... Read More »

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Egyptian Pottery Crafts for Kids?

Children are often fascinated when learning about ancient Egypt with its mummies, pyramids and cryptic writing. For a hands-on activity to supplement their book learning, have them make a pottery c... Read More »

How to Make an Egyptian Mummy for Kids?

The ancient Egyptian mummification process prepared a person's body for when its spirit returned to it in the afterlife. Great care was taken to remove all internal organs, except the heart, and pr... Read More »

What did egyptian kids call leapfrog?

Children growing up in ancient Egypt enjoyed a variety of games similar to those played today including leapfrog, tug of war and board games. In ancient Egypt, the game of leapfrog was called "khuz... Read More »

Egyptian School Activities?

Whether you plan to incorporate an Egyptian-themed activity into your science, history or art classroom, activities are available for all grades, kindergarten through high school. Students can get ... Read More »