Activities for Each Weather Condition?

Answer Various weather conditions provide opportunities for different types of outdoor activities. Get outside in the sunshine, wind, rain and snow. Adults and children can participate in different outdoo... Read More »

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What is a red flag warning weather condition?

The National Weather Service issues a number of different weather warnings. Red flag warnings are issued to bring attention to the fact that current weather conditions could cause an increase in wi... Read More »

R&P: What are your favourite songs that reference a 'weather condition' in the title or lyrics?

"Texas Flood" - Stevie Ray Vaughan"A Hard Rains A-Gonna Fall" - Bob Dylan"Against The Wind" - Bob Seger"Blue Skys" - The Allman Brothers"Chain Lightning" - Rush"Come In From The Rain" - Wishbone As... Read More »

I have an iPhone 4S live on the QLD Australia when I ask Siri what the weather is locally or what the weather is is says there's no weather information?

although i hate apple i know alot bout it you just need to go into her settings and if that dosnt work change your location and put it in the weather appAsker : in her settings i can only change ho... Read More »

Primary Weather Activities?

Elementary school students begin to understand the world around them during their science class, including what kinds of weather occur in their own communities. The teacher can plan activities that... Read More »