Activities for Children Regarding Whales?

Answer Whales are sea mammals. They breathe through blowholes into lungs, unlike fish, which breathe using gills. Whales are fascinating animals because they live deep in the ocean, making them inaccessib... Read More »

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Writing Activities Regarding Communities?

Learning about communities helps students to develop a sense of their place in the world. Students should learn about their own communities: their school, their town, their city and country and ab... Read More »

School Activities Regarding the Meaning of Fondness?

Children will learn that the meanings of words such as love will be similar to others. It is important to know the difference between words that express a liking for, because children will want sho... Read More »

Should I contact child welfare regarding vegan children?

Hi FHG! I see you're back from your enforced 1 week vacation (suspension). The prions must be really eating your brain now since you asked this same question last year or is it that you have a case... Read More »

What are the different opinions regarding medicating children with ADD?

Answer Our youngest son was diagnosed with what was then called hyperactive, now called ADD. We were advised to put him on Ridlan. What we chose to do was to experiment with his diet. We found tha... Read More »