Activities for Algebraic Properties?

Answer Algebra is a subject in which it is often difficult to provide visual demonstrations, due to the abstract nature of algebraic operations. Effective algebra activities make these operations concrete... Read More »

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Algebraic Properties of Exponential Curves?

Exponential curves are graphs of functions with exponents. The graphs of equations without exponents -- linear equations -- are straight lines. The graphs of functions with exponents always curve. ... Read More »

The Properties of Acid: Classroom Activities?

Today we are going to drink acid, make volcanoes, tranform grapefruits into power plants and melt some metal. This is to demostrate four properties of acids and help high school students understan... Read More »

Learning Activities for Properties of 3-D Shapes?

3-D shapes have three dimensions -- height, width and depth -- which distinguish them from 2-D or 1-D objects and shapes. Because 3-D objects are solids, students can perform activities such as cre... Read More »

What waves have some electrical properties and some magnetc properties?