Activities for Adult Learners?

Answer Adult learners may not be interested in or engaged by the same activities that younger students are, but that does not mean their lessons should be dry or uninspiring as there are plenty of ways in... Read More »

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Differences Between Child Learners & Adult Learners?

Children and adults learn in fundamentally different ways. The ways that different people learn is an ongoing interest to educators. By understanding how a particular segment learns, educators can ... Read More »

How to Motivate Adult Learners?

Adult learners can be some of the most difficult to motivate. Unlike elementary age people, they do not respond as well to immediate reinforcers like candy, stickers, or high fives and loud praise.... Read More »

Evaluation Methods for Adult Learners?

Adults returning to the classroom, equipped with life experience, demand a higher quality learning experience and more meaningful evaluation of their efforts.Most classroom evaluations can be divid... Read More »

Cognitive Components of Adult Learners?

Adults learn differently than children simply because they come with experience. Like children, adults can be visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners. While not every adult fits one profile, adul... Read More »