Activities at Bus Stops?

Answer Waiting for a bus can be a tedious experience and staving off boredom can be a tough task. While the options for activities at bus stops may be limited, it is possible to find things to occupy your... Read More »

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I am experiencing troubles while watching videos the audio stops and ten the video stops and the audio catches?

The problem is internet explorer so what you should do is download mozillla firefox and google chrome + update adobe flashplayer and AIR to the latest version. Please don't us internet explorer bec... Read More »

If a train station is where the train stops and a bus station is where the bus stops, what is a work station?

But the station is also where the train departs and the bus departs. Unless it's a terminal, where no one departs. But a station and a depot are two different things. So is a depot and a despot.... Read More »

What if google stops for a day...?

Teh interweb would implode, taking modern society with it. Basically, it would be like the worst-case-senerio for Y2K, only much, much worse.

What happens when the heart stops?

Blood drains from capillaries in the upper surfaces and collects in the blood vessels in the lower surfaces. Upper surfaces of the body become pale and the lower surfaces become dark. Cells cease a... Read More »