Activities With File Folders?

Answer Don't let the plain, manila file folder fool you. In spite of its simple, unembellished appearance and low price, it is a very useful tool for elementary school teachers. In fact, those are the ver... Read More »

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How do I add notes to file folders?

Browse to FolderRight-click the Windows "Start" button and select "Explore." Locate the folder that you want to add a note to using the "+" and "-" icons in the left pane.Add Comments CapabilityCli... Read More »

How do I add empty folders to a zip file?

Create a Parent FolderRight-click anywhere on the desktop and scroll to the option that says "New," then select the "Folder" option. Type in a name for this folder. Double-click on this created fol... Read More »

How do you put password in your file folders in your computer?

Adding password to a compressed file or folder.Right click on the file or folder, choose send to compressed file.Double click on the compressed file to open.On the menu bar click on File and then "... Read More »

How do i add empty folders in zip file software?

How to Add Empty Folders in Zip File Software (WinRAR ZIP)To add empty folder in the Zip archive, place the cursor on the desktop. Right-click and select "New." Click on the WinRAR ZIP archive. The... Read More »