Activities Involving Famous Explorers?

Answer Teaching about famous explorers requires pedagogical creativity. Your subjects have usually long been dead and students often are not excited when it comes to learning material they view as archaic... Read More »

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Lessons & Activities on Early Explorers?

The early explorers are a crucial component of any student's educational experience. Usually, children will be introduced to the explorers for the first time in elementary school, and the informati... Read More »

Group Learning Activities for Third Grade Explorers?

For years kids have enjoyed the stories of Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo and Daniel Boone. In the third grade school curriculum begins to focus on the historical significance of these explorers.... Read More »

Classroom Activities for Early European Explorers?

In 1492, Christopher Columbus set out to discover a new, quicker trade route to Asia but inadvertently discovered the New World. Subsequently, during the late 1400's and 1500's, early European expl... Read More »

Lab Activities Involving Microscopes?

There are many enriching microscope activities you can use to guide your students of any age through the world of the small although not insignificant. Microscopes are used for viewing objects and ... Read More »