Active Phase of Slime Mold?

Answer A rather strange experience of many homeowners and gardeners is the appearance of orange or yellow patches of slimy growth in their lawns in early summer. These strange crusty formations are actual... Read More »

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Getting Rid of Slime Mold?

Many gardeners have dealt with a defecation- or vomit-like substance growing on the ground of the garden or flower bed. This liquid substance is slime mold. Even though it looks nasty, it will not... Read More »

Is slime mold reproduction asexual?

The term "slime molds" describes different groups of organisms; most commonly, it applies to plasmodial slime molds, amoeba-like organisms consisting basically of a single large cell with multiple ... Read More »

Difference Between Lichen & Slime Mold?

Both lichen and slime molds have been historically difficult for scientists to classify. Before 1969, all organisms were either identified as animals or plants; in this period, lichen and slime mo... Read More »

Is it safe to swim in pool with white slime or mold?

Why would you want to? You would be swimming in untreated water just like a pond or a lake. So if you ok with that then your good to go. My question is how did it get that way.....Its a pool?