Active Listening Games?

Answer Listening is something we do on a regular basis, be it to learn, entertain or to engage in a conversation. Despite the fact that listening is a large part of our lives, many aren't very good at it.... Read More »

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How to engage in active listening?

The term active listening refers to the act of listening closely to another person and working with her to communicate effectively and gain mutual understanding. Active listening is a useful tool t... Read More »

Active Listening Activities for School Counselors?

School counselors face the task of interacting with young children and youth who may find it difficult to trust or connect with adults. Some children may be eager to talk, but others require more e... Read More »

About Active Listening Skills in the Classroom?

Learning active listening skills in the classroom will not only help students improve their academic performance, but also will prepare them for better personal and business relationships. Whether ... Read More »

Interactive Listening Games?

Listening is a skill that is essential for success in academics, business and in general day-to-day life. Though it may seem that this skill is inherent, for some people, it actually needs to be ac... Read More »