ActionScript and JavaScript are both identical?

Answer I started programming with ActionScript 3 and, after several attempts at transition, eventually moved on to JavaScript (and, from there, Batch, C++, and Obj-C). As they are both subsets of ECMAScri... Read More »

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If identical twin brothers married identical twin sisters, would their kids look thesame?

They would like brothers and sisters, and if a DNA tests was done they would come back as brothers ans sisters since their mothers and their fathers have identical DNA.

If identical twins had babies with identical twins, would the children be biologically siblings?

Biologically they'd be full siblings, if their twin parents married singlets their cousins would be biologically half siblings.

How to Add ActionScript?

Adding ActionScript code to your Flash project will let you create a wider variety of different features than you can with just the Flash designer interface. Adding just a few lines of ActionScri... Read More »

Different Effects in ActionScript 3?

Becoming a master of design creativity with Flash animation software requires that you learn what effects can be created with Flash's ActionScript programming language. There are hundreds of diffe... Read More »