Act! 10.0 Question, 10 Fast points?

Answer If you have not created a lot of data for that field, then it would be better to do an ADD instead of RENAMING an existing field..

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I keep losing points when asking a question, who do I talk to. My points should be over 230 yet it says 218 ?

Since you lose 5 points every time you ask a question you need to make sure you are answering more questions.Or you could just answer questions till you build up your points and then start asking q... Read More »

How to get rid of belly fat fast 10 POINTS!!?

Exercise and diet.Exercise portion:-Cardio. Biking,walking,running,jogging,swimming are all cardio. I would do 1 hour of it a day, if possible. Supplementary exercise(like squats) are always nice a... Read More »

How to Get Turbine Points Fast in "LOTRO"?

"Lord of the Rings Online," developed by Turbine, is a free-to-play online role-playing game for the PC. While the entire game can be played for free, additional items, such as outfits and potions ... Read More »

10 points! How can I make money fast?

Find stuff that people are looking for on Craig's list and sell it to them for a premium. Make sure you get a good price for the item. Ask your church or community organizations. You sound like a g... Read More »