Acrylic Nail Infection?

Answer Many people choose acrylic nails to enhance the beauty of their hands and feet. Artificial nails provide cosmetic advantages for those who have weak and splitting nails and for anyone who likes to ... Read More »

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How to Naturally Treat a Nail Infection and Nail Fungus with Vitamins?

One way to naturally treat a nail infection and nail fungus is with vitamins. If you catch a nail infection or fungus towards the beginning, it's usually fairly easy to treat it without taking medi... Read More »

Which Is Better for the Natural Nail, Acrylic or Gel?

On One Hand: Around for a Long TimeAcrylic nails are readily available since they've been around for a long time but the chemicals used in applying them smell, they're often difficult to remove and... Read More »

How to Do Your Own Acrylic Nail Kits?

Acrylic nail kits are sold in drug stores and they are considerably cheaper than having your acrylic nails applied and filled at most salons. While the price is tempting, you may be concerned that ... Read More »

What Causes Acrylic Nail Pain?

Acrylic nails are worn for special occasions or on a daily basis. Unlike natural nails, acrylic nails are durable and strong. They provide women with the appearance of flawless and perfectly shaped... Read More »