Acne on the Face and Skin?

Answer Acne is formed when pores get blocked. As a result, oil, also known as sebum, that normally drains to the skin surface builds up at the blockage, and bacteria begins to grow. Basically, acne is cau... Read More »

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Face Products for Dry, Sensitive, Acne-Prone Skin?

Acne typically affects people that have overly oily skin types and is typically treated using commercial acne creams and lotions. There are many people, however, that have acne breakouts in combina... Read More »

Best face cleanser for oily skin that has acne and black heads?

Ok...I am going to try to convince you to do what I do and have been doing for yrs. NO ONE guesses my age correctly, they always knock 20 yrs off....yes, I am old. Just try this....everyone I ... Read More »

How to Cure Acne Scarring and Uneven Skin Tone on the Face?

Acne is a problem on its own, but after cleared it can leave behind the problem of skin discoloration. Skin discolorations are areas on the face that are a different color than the rest of the face... Read More »

What is the best face make-up to use for oily/acne prone skin Preferably drug store brands.?

neutrogena pressed powder foundationgood for acne prone oily skinhas suprisingly good coverage for a powder