Acne Free Side Effects?

Answer Acne is an embarrassing skin condition that is characterized by the appearance of inflamed pustules and cysts on the face, neck, back or chest. One treatment used for eliminating acne is called Acn... Read More »

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Side Effects of Sugar-Free Maltitol?

Maltitol is a polyol, also known as a sugar alcohol, which is created from the sugar, maltose. This sugar substitute came into popularity along with multiple other sugar alcohols as dieters began t... Read More »

What are the effects of TURMERIC ON ACNE and ACNE SCARS?

I love turmeric. It is good for so many things. I buy it loose at a herb store or a place like Rainbow Market in SF and put it into capsules. It is an anti-oxidant, anti-spasmotic, anti-cramp, a... Read More »

Does anyone had an side effects from taking Blood pressure medication Effects such as palpitations?

I am permanently tired but unsure as to the cause (or causes - as is my GP) as I take 19 ppd (pills per day) and 20 on Sundays. At least I'm still alive! (In between the long sleeps)I don't find th... Read More »

Which acne treatment is bestSkin id,acne free,proactive?

skin id i had acne tryed proactive didnt work tryed skin id gone in 1 week