Acne Advice for Preteens?

Answer Preteens can have an increase in hormones surging through their bodies, which can in turn result in an increase in skin eruptions and acne breakouts. Because preteens can have sensitive skin and ca... Read More »

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I do everything right, but I still have acne. Any advice?

Make sure not to sweat or let your hair in your eyes, oil on the skin causes acne and when you work out try not to sweat, if you do wipe it away.

Need advice on my acne?

Ask your mother to get you proactivIt worksSold on TV. I know that TV sales can often be a rip off... But I got this stuff for my daughter a few years ago... Follow the program... It really works

Dermatologist Advice for Acne Scars?

Acne scars are a result of injury to the tissue caused by the body's inflammatory reaction to sebum, bacteria and dead cells that have plugged the follicle. Depressed areas and raised thickened tis... Read More »

How to Get the Emo Look (Preteens)?

Okay, so you're younger than the beautiful outcast emo girls you admire, but does that mean you shouldn't dress like them?It certainly does not.