Aching in the gums beneath my molars after wisdom tooth extraction?

Answer hi Carol H.Im not realy sure, nut you may find a solution soon:)

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Pain behind my molars. It's not wisdom teeth and it's not behind the tooth.?

It could be just a mouth blister, but it also might be your wisdom teeth. But you're 14, so I don't think it's your wisdom tooth, since they come in at the age of 17-21 ( not the exact age though )... Read More »

Wisdom tooth extraction ?

It is recommended that you take it easy for a few days. Healing and pain control are much better if you rest. Ask your dentist, but I imagine a week is a good length to hold of on vigorous exercise... Read More »

What can I eat after a wisdom tooth extraction?

Have your meals at the usual time. Eat soft, nutritious foods and drink plenty of liquids - with meals and in between. Have what you wish, but be careful not to disturb the blood clot. Add solid fo... Read More »

Can't open jaw all the way after wisdom tooth extraction?

That's normal. I remember when I got mine out since it was this year but I remember being so high I didn't know to open my mouth. It was like when Peter from Family Guy forgot how to sit in a chair... Read More »