Aching in the bladder area, I dont have an infection so what could it be?

Answer May be a Urinary Tract Infection coming on.

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Could having a bladder infection be a problem in getting pregnant?

Not really, except that you may want to postpone sex until the infection clears due to bladder spasms. Early pregnancy can mimic a bladder infection with frequent urination, a "crampy" feeling and ... Read More »

What does greenish mucus mean when your 9 months pregnant could it be a sign of a yeast infection i dont know please tell me?

Answer It sounds as though you may be losing your mucus plug before going into labor. Sometimes it is greenish. If your waters go and they are greenish too get to the hospital asap as the baby m... Read More »

Can you do an enema while you have a bladder infection?

My first response is that there is no problem taking an enema while you have a UTI.I'm assuming the enema for for a bout with constipation. Let me add that if you are running a fever with the UTI,... Read More »

Can i have bladder infection without wbc in urine?

On One Hand: No WBCs, Probably No Infection50 to 70 percent of your white blood cells (WBCs) are neutrophils, first-line defenders that home in fast on germs that invade your tissues, notes Jacquel... Read More »