Acer laptop is freezing up suddenly?

Answer If your laptop is freezing, maybe the ac in your room is too cold and it can't operate in those temperatures just like humans. Nobody understands that laptops are like humans and have feelings too!... Read More »

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Does acer make computers I'm thinking of getting an acer laptop.?

I never look at the brand name, who cares about getting the brand logo on your laptop cuz its pointless and shows nothing.If the laptop specifications are great, then go for it!

I was checking my answers in yahoo, but suddenly my laptop showed a blue screen and my laptop was restarted.?

BSOD (commonly called the blue screen of death) can have many times many causes. It could be something as simple as a driver issue, corrupted software or corrupted windows installation, or be as in... Read More »

Why did my laptop screen suddenly froze?

There must be a problem with the graphics engine, You should better change the entire laptop.

Suddenly can't access wi-fi through Laptop but can through Phone?

Wi-Fi connection can create problems for various reasons like incorrect browser settings, errors in cable connection, misplaced passwords or a modem requiring reset. You can manually check your Wi-... Read More »