Acer Bio Protection?

Answer Hi RGo on the D partition, if I am not mistaken, you an repair that bio program. Acer have the habit of always keeping a full recovery system on the D partition.

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Does acer make computers I'm thinking of getting an acer laptop.?

I never look at the brand name, who cares about getting the brand logo on your laptop cuz its pointless and shows nothing.If the laptop specifications are great, then go for it!

How to Get to Acer Restore on Acer Aspire One Notebook?

Acer eRecovery Management is a backup and recovery software included with Windows that can restore an Acer computer's original applications, drivers and operating system. If you can't boot to the O... Read More »

Acer Monitor Repair - Where Can I Find Tips & Instructions For Acer Monitor Repair?

Check out LCD Monitor Repair ( ). Acer is one of the brands I repair, and it's usually a backlight or inverter problem. If the monitor is black without any visibl... Read More »

Can you add RAM to an Acer One?

Add RAM to the Acer Aspire One Netbook by removing the existing memory from the computer's single RAM slot and replacing it with a higher-capacity module. Upgrading the RAM in an Acer Aspire One is... Read More »