Accredited Home Schools for Grades K-12?

Answer According to data from the Parent and Family Involvement in Education survey, 1.5 million children were home-schooled in 2007. Many parents decide to take charge of their child's education by teach... Read More »

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DVD Based Accredited Home Schools?

Even the most well-educated home-school parents need a plan so that their child does not fall behind or miss essential components of age-appropriate learning. Whether the goal is a high school equi... Read More »

Accredited Home Study Schools?

Home study schools are schools where students learn from home, without going to a public or private school. Anyone can teach home school to their children, as long as they can provide their childre... Read More »

Cheap Accredited Home Schools?

When searching for the right home school program for your children, two things are usually foremost in your mind: the cost and the quality of the school. Accreditation ensures that you are getting ... Read More »

Alabama State Accredited Home Schools?

Virtual home schools provide an alternative to traditional schools. Homeschooling is legal option in the United States and accreditation is available in all 50 states. Alabama requires homeschools ... Read More »